5 Google Workspace admin headaches solved


Every Google Workspace admin has been there. You’re tasked with supporting a growing organization, a complex cloud environment, and an ever-increasing list of security concerns. It feels like there’s always something lurking around the corner, ready to turn your day into a disaster.

But fear not, weary admin! Here are five common Google Workspace admin nightmares, and how BetterCloud can vanquish them once and for all:

Nightmare 1: Visibility vacuum

Managing a sprawling Google Workspace environment with multiple users, devices, and data streams can feel like navigating a labyrinth blindfolded.  Without proper visibility, it’s difficult to identify potential security threats, enforce compliance policies, or troubleshoot user issues.

BetterCloud to the rescue

BetterCloud shines a light into the Google Workspace labyrinth. Need to audit user activity or collect data for your next audit? BetterCloud streamlines the process.

From managing Gmail’s signature policy to password management to setting email forwarding and delegation, BetterCloud empowers you to become the master of your Google Workspace instance. It’s the all-in-one management tool you’ve been missing.

Nightmare 2: The user provisioning and deprovisioning tango

The constant churn of employee onboarding and offboarding can leave you feeling like you’re stuck in user provisioning purgatory.  

Manually creating and deleting accounts is a time-consuming nightmare, fraught with the potential for human error. Imagine misspelling a new hire’s name while creating their account – that could lead to a whole mess of password reset requests and wasted time!

BetterCloud brings automation to the party

BetterCloud automates the entire user lifecycle, eliminating the manual drudgery and ensuring a smooth onboarding and offboarding experience. Leveraging seamless integration with your existing directory services (e.g., Azure AD) and HR information systems (e.g., Workday), new users are automatically provisioned with the appropriate permissions upon joining the organization.

Conversely, when an employee departs, BetterCloud automates account deprovisioning, safeguarding your data and ensuring compliance with regulations.  This automation frees up valuable time and minimizes the risk of human error, allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Nightmare #3: Permission perplexity

As your Google Workspace grows, so does the complexity of user permissions.  Standard Admin Console tools can leave you feeling like you’re wading through a permission labyrinth.  Imagine trying to assign granular access levels to dozens of users across various departments and applications – a recipe for disaster.

Enter BetterCloud’s permission management nirvana

No more permission headaches! BetterCloud automates user setup, assigning the perfect permissions for their job function right from the start. This ensures everyone has consistent access levels based on their department or role, eliminating the need to manually assign permissions for each new hire. That’s precious time saved for your IT team.

Need even finer control?  BetterCloud empowers you with granular access management, allowing you to define precisely what actions users can take within each application. By incorporating branching workflows, BetterCloud caters to the unique needs of different departments and job functions. 

BetterCloud workflows include else/else if statements

Imagine an accounting department having a specific workflow with limited access to marketing applications, while the marketing team has full access to those same applications but restricted access to financial data. Branching workflows ensure your organization maintains a balance between security and productivity.

This meticulous control ensures your data remains secure, while users have the tools they need to be productive.

Nightmare 4: Paying for unused seats

The cost of unused licenses can vary depending on the specific Google Workspace plan you have and the number of inactive seats. 

However, even a few unused licenses can represent a significant expense.  For example, a company with 50 unused licenses on a Business Standard plan (around $18/user/month) could be wasting over $10,000 per year.

BetterCloud drives efficient license reclamation

Unused licenses represent wasted budget, and keeping track of them can be a tedious task. BetterCloud can be your secret weapon in streamlining Google Workspace license reclamation, saving you time and money.

Here’s how BetterCloud simplifies the process:

  • Simplified License Management: BetterCloud simplifies bulk license management tasks. You can easily add, remove, or modify licenses for multiple users at once, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Improved Security Posture: By reclaiming unused licenses, BetterCloud helps you tighten your Google Workspace security posture. Fewer active licenses mean fewer potential entry points for unauthorized access.
  • Optimize License Allocation: By understanding product usage, you can tailor your license plan to fit your team’s specific needs, potentially reducing costs further.

Nightmare 5: Risky file sharing

Oversharing isn’t just a problem for Facebook posts; it’s a major security concern lurking within your organization’s Google Drive. Public file links and unrestricted access can leave sensitive data exposed.

Traditional security measures only go so far. IT admins can only control what they can see. Unfortunately, there’s a whole world of unseen file sharing happening in the hidden corners of Google Drive.

This lack of control over file sharing is a major security risk.  Unintentional or even malicious sharing can expose sensitive data to unauthorized individuals, both inside and outside your organization.  Imagine a confidential document with a public link accidentally floating around, or an employee disgruntled enough to share sensitive information.  The potential consequences are significant.

How BetterCloud shines a light on risky sharing

BetterCloud doesn’t just scan – it automatically takes action. You can set up automatic alerts or automate a multi-step remediation plan for any files containing sensitive data, allowing for swift remediation. This could involve restricting access, notifying the owner, or even taking stronger measures if necessary.

BetterCloud offers content scanning in Google Drive and can alert you via email or Slack or take automated action

By shining a light on uncontrolled file sharing and providing the tools to address it, BetterCloud can help you transform your Google Drive from a potential security risk into a secure and collaborative workspace.

BetterCloud: Your Google Workspace dream team

The Google Workspace Admin Console is a powerful tool, but it can be like a double-edged sword for busy admins. BetterCloud acts as the perfect partner, offering a suite of features that simplify user management, enhance security, and provide invaluable insights. 

With BetterCloud by your side, those Google Admin nightmares will become a distant memory, replaced by nights of restful sleep (or at least a much calmer workflow!).

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