Is This What McDonald’s Spinoff Restaurant CosMc’s Will Look Like?


McDonald’s is taking one giant step into the past to leap into its future.

The fast food chain announced the grand opening of a space-themed eatery, CosMc’s, based on the six-armed ET from McDonald’s ads that aired in the 1980s. Remember those?

While McDonald’s is being secretive about the details, FOX Business reports that the first CosMc’s will open early next year in Bolingbrook, a Chicago suburb. A few other restaurants will follow in 2024, scattered like constellations across the U.S.

The small-format concept restaurant will feature an extensive beverage selection that includes coffee, iced teas, lemonades, and a lineup of energy drinks called “signature galactic boosts.” Customers can also expect a mix of food and desserts that blend nostalgia with novelty.

Space Age McD’s

Last July, CEO Chris Kempczinski shared with analysts that while CosMc’s will be recognized as a distinct entity, it will maintain the essence of McDonald’s globally celebrated brand. A new logo will replace the golden arches in a more modern navy blue and yellow palette.

FOX 32 Chicago recently captured aerial glimpses of the mystery-shrouded Bolingbrook location. And an X-user posted photos of the alleged location under construction.

Photo by Iman Jalali (via X)

Menu shrouded in mystery

While McDonald’s has not yet been forthcoming about CosMc’s menu, some online food detectives have unearthed menu previews showcasing alleged specialties like a Pear Slushy, Blueberry Ginger Boost, Churro Frappe, and a Spicy Queso Sandwich.

Amidst all the excitement, McDonald’s shares have seen an 8% increase over the year, slightly behind the broader market’s advancements. The anticipation is palpable, as the fast-food magnate is expected to shed more light on its strategic developments and innovations during tomorrow’s investor day.

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