Premium Email VS Business Email Solutions


Premium and Business Email Solutions refer to advanced email services designed to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations. These solutions offer enhanced features and functionalities beyond what is typically available with standard email services that come with shared hosting.

What is Premium email by WebHostFace

With the Premium Email solution, your outgoing emails are handled by specially designed servers that guarantee the email reputation, ensuring the best possible delivery rates. Being on shared hosting environment is tricky. One misconfigured or unprofessional email from another account hosted on the same server, can be devastating to all users. We understand the importance of e-mail communication and out inhouse team of specialists have developed this email service and we made it very affordable. It comes at only $1/month/domain and this ensures superior delivery rates for all your outgoing emails.

What is Business Email Solution by WebHostFace

With the Business Email Solution, both incoming and outgoing emails are handled by the special email servers we have configured. Thus giving you additional storage and protection against incoming spam and viruses.

Your receive advanced levels of protection as well as 5GB additional space per Email Box allowing you to store a significant amount of emails, attachments, and files.

Who can use our Premium & Business Email Solutions

Our Premium & Business Email Solutions, are tailored specifically for individuals, businesses and organizations. They come with advanced security measures, including encryption and spam filters, to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.


In terms of pricing, the cost of Premium and Business Email Solutions is fixed at $1 depending whether you wish to have out outgoing or both outgoing and incoming mails secured. On top of this we add some extra storage to the Business Email Solution that is activated on a per inbox base.

Premium & Business Email Solutions by WebHostFace


Overall, Premium and Business Email Solutions offer enhanced functionality, security, and customization options compared to standard email services, making them ideal for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking for a more professional and efficient email communication platform.

Our friendly and dedicated customer service teams can help you choose the right email solution for your specific need and budget. We can help you identify your email goals and save time and money by ensuring high email delivery rates and less spam.

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