Running Pricing Experiments with Marc Boscher of Unito


The SaaS Open Mic podcast is back!

In this first episode of the season, I speak with Marc Boscher, CEO and co-founder of Unito. We speak about continuous pricing experimentation and de-risking pricing migrations.

Ultimately, pricing is a muscle. (..) You have to develop the practice of it. You have to get good at it, make it part of your business. It’s a continuous practice. So always be surveying and interviewing your customers, always be validating with your data, and ideally, testing continuously.

As Unito began to expand and grow, their pricing needed to adapt. However, first, the Unito team had to consider what a sustainable pricing migration could look like without disrupting existing customers and blocking the company’s continued success. So, they made pricing experiments part of their DNA. They created a dedicated pricing squad, performed continuous surveys, interviews, and pricing tests.

The big unlock for us was introducing the kind of AB test infrastructure for pricing that’s geography-based, where you have a test geography of certain countries and can test completely different pricing structures. That had a very big unlock on us because it suddenly allowed us to try things without as big of a leap of faith, and without putting as much risk in the business.

Using two-way integrations, Unito enables users to build workflows between tools. Because of the nature of their business, they are faced with an added complexity – their pricing is always compared to other tools.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about how a continuous testing approach can get you through a pricing migration without taking huge risks.

In this episode of the SaaS Open Mic we discuss:

  • How initial pricing models can be challenging and ultimately need to change
  • Reaching price to value alignment
  • Making the final decision to switch to a different pricing model
  • The three dimensions of pricing experimentation and when to apply A/B testing
  • The metrics that SaaS businesses need to keep an eye on during pricing experiments

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