Updates to Google Identity Services (GIS) and migration to the Credential Manager API


Posted by Kateryna Semenova – Developer Relations Engineer, Diego Zavala and Gina Biernacki – Product Managers

Introducing Credential Manager

At Google, we are dedicated to improving the sign in experience across platforms for developers and users. For Android developers, we recently announced the public availability of Credential Manager as the future of authentication on Android. Credential Manager is a new Jetpack library designed to consolidate authentication types for Android developers into a single UI, reducing complexity for your applications while increasing usability. Credential Manager also supports passkeys, creating a unified interface for users and a single API for developers.

Instead of having to integrate with multiple identity providers, developers can now use Credential Manager as a single, unified authentication API. Credential Manager simplifies integration and makes it easier to develop authentication solutions that can work with all password managers, identity providers, and authentication methods.

Implementing Credential Manager with your Android applications will provide a single authentication experience for all Android users, integrated directly with the operating system and aligned with high-trust surfaces such as system login. We encourage all developers to migrate to Credential Manager.

Authentication APIs moving from Google Identity Services to Credential Manager on Android

The authentication APIs from Google Identity Services on Android—which include One Tap sign-in, Credential Saving, Sign in with Google button and Sign-In for Android(GSI) — can all now be implemented using Credential Manager. This enables developers to integrate with a single API for their authentication journeys.

Since these APIs are now generally available in Credential Manager, these individual APIs will be deprecated in Google Identity Services.

Removal of Smart Lock for Passwords

Smart Lock for Passwords, which was deprecated in 2022, will be removed from the Google Play Services SDK in November 2023. To minimize breaking changes that may impact existing integrations, all existing apps in the Play Store will continue to work. New app versions compiled with the new SDK will not be able to access the Smart Lock for Password API, so we encourage all developers to migrate to Credential Manager as soon as possible.

Get started with your migration to Credential Manager

All Android developers should plan their migration to the new Credential Manager API. To assist you in this process, read the following guides and resources:

Share your feedback

We are excited to improve Android authentication with the launch of Credential Manager API, delivering a simple and streamlined UX for secure sign-in methods such as Sign in with Google.

We value your feedback and invite you to share your experience integrating with Credential Manager or any other feedback you might have:

Your input is very valuable as we continue to refine and improve our authentication services.

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