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Made In Abyss is a captivating anime series that dives deep into a mysterious and fantastical world that is filled with enigmatic creatures, ancient relics, and the unknown. This series explores the bond between two young adventurers as they uncover the secrets hidden within the depths of a mysterious abyss.

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  • Watch Made in Abyss on Netflix: Season 1 All Episodes from Anywhere in the World

    Overview of Made In Abyss

    Made In Abyss is set in a mystical world where a colossal chasm known as the Abyss holds untold treasures and secrets. It follows the life of Riko, an orphaned young girl that dreams of becoming a skilled “Cave Raider”, who are brave individuals that delve into the abyss in search of valuable artifacts and discoveries.

    When Riko discovers a robotic boy named Reg at the Abyss’s edge, the two form an inseparable bond and embark on a journey to find Riko’s missing mother. The anime is filled with strange creatures, unforeseen challenges, and mysteries.

    • Director: Masayuki Kojima
    • Screenplay by: Hideyuki Kurata
    • Producers: Kinema Citrus
    • Cinematography; Shinpei Kobayashi
    • Music by: Kevin Penkin
    • Production: Kinema Citrus
    • Release Date: July 7, 2017 – September 29, 2017
    • Genre: Anime, Fantasy, Adventure
    • Language: Japanese
    • Country: Japan
    • Running Time: Varies per episode

    Made In Abyss: Trailer & IMDb Rating

    Made In Abyss Trailer

    On IMDb, Made In Abyss has received a rating of 8.4/10 with over 14,000 user reviews. It has received 29 nominations and 9 wins!

    Is Made In Abyss On Netflix?

    Yes. Made In Abyss is available on Netflix, but only on select regions. If you are not located in those regions, then you won’t be able to find the anime on Netflix. In order to access Made in Abyss on Netflix, you will have to get a reliable Netflix VPN.

    Watch Made in Abyss on Netflix: Season 1 All Episodes from Anywhere in the World

    A Netflix VPN like NordVPN will be able to change your IP address, making it look like you are in a different country. That will give you access to all content that is available in that location, including Made in Abyss and countless other anime.

    Where to Watch Made In Abyss on Netflix?

    Currently, Made In Abyss is available to stream in

    How To Watch Made In Abyss On Netflix?

  • First, subscribe to NordVPN and download the VPN client.
  • Log in to NordVPN and connect to the Japanese serverJapan Based Server
  • After connecting, refresh your Netflix app and search for Made in Abyss.Watch Made in Abyss on Netflix: Season 1 All Episodes from Anywhere in the World
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    Made In Abyss: Cast & Characters

    CharactersVoice ActorRikoMiyu TomitaRegMariya IseNanachiShiori IzawaLeaderEri KitamuraOzenSayaka OharaHabolgAki ToyosakiMarulkMutsumi Tamura


    Is Made In Abyss available on Netflix?

    Yes. Made In Abyss is available on Netflix, but only in certain regions. You will have to get a reliable VPN in order to watch it on Netflix. We recommend using NordVPN, SurfShark, or ExpressVPN as they are the top Netflix VPNs.

    Can’t I Use A Free VPN?

    A free VPN will not be able to stream Netflix without any buffering, and most free VPNs do not have servers throughout the world. Also, free VPNs are known to collect and sell your personal data to advertisers, so we do not recommend using a free VPN.


    Made in Abyss is a popular anime that came out in 2017, it has garnered mostly positive reviews and is still available on Netflix. If you run into any issues while unlocking or accessing the anime on Netflix, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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